Terms and Conditions

Sales conditions

Thank you for your interest in AKI brochures. In the following we would like to inform you about our net sales prices ex works. Please note that a minimum order quantity of 5 brochures applies. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Brochure prices:

5-9 copies

10-99 copies

100-199 copies

200-499 copies

500 and more copies

Plus VAT and cost of freight

€ 15.00 per copy

€ 10.00 per copy

€ 8.00 per copy

€ 7.50 per copy

€ 6.00 per copy

 (if sufficient stocks are available, otherwise price on request!)

Please note the following sales conditions:

1. These brochures do not replace the necessary manufacturer’s instructions for the reprocessing of medical products. The purchaser agrees not to use the brochures in conjunction with the marketing of medical products and will refrain from any measure which might indicate that these brochures constitute manufacturer’s instructions.

2. The copyright and other rights regarding the brochures prepared by AKI remain with AKI. None of the diagrams or drawings, pictures and/or texts may be copied or used in other electronic or printed publications unless explicitty authorized by AKI.

3. No advertising may be added explicitly to the brochures purchased from AKI. This applies to both advertising inserts and adhesive labels on the brochure.

4. The user agrees to a contractual penalty of € 500 for each case of violation of any of the terms listed under 1 to 3 above. Multiple infringements shall not be treated as one single infringement.

5. AKI booklets may be purchased in quantities above 5 copies. Please see our website www.a-k-i.org for sales         conditions.